Is Your Divorce Case Taking Forever | Santa Clarita

Is Your Divorce Case Taking Forever | Santa Clarita

Does it feel like your divorce case is taking forever and going nowhere?  It is not surprising that many divorces take years to complete, usually because they are dealing with everything other than the actual divorce.

I talk to many clients who call me and have been involved with their divorce for years.  Both spouses have attorneys and they have been to court many times, but they are still very far away from completing the paperwork necessary to get divorced.

Take the case of the call I received today.  Both spouses had attorneys and they have been going through the divorce process for over a year now.  When I looked at their case summary online, the only thing that has been done towards completing the divorce was that the one of them had filed for divorce and the other had filed a Response.  That was it?

I did not want to ask how much money they had collectively spent on attorneys.   My guess was that it was in the $30,000 range, each.  They had been to court at least half a dozen times and at $500 per hour, it adds up fast.

After looking at the case summary, I learned that they literally had all the divorce paperwork to complete still.  And this was after a year.

I wish more people would come to their senses and figure out that the only people that win during divorce are the lawyers.  All that is accomplished is that you have spent more of your nest egg and have less for your children.

Sometimes the spouses have to do this before they see the light.  There is a lot of emotion sometimes and all you want to do is attack.  Once you get that out of your system, we can move forward with real progress on completing the divorce.

If you are working with an attorney, it is never too late to call you spouse and attempt to negotiate the terms of your divorce.  That is what this couple did.

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