LegalZoom Refers The Most Divorce Clients | Santa Clarita

LegalZoom Refers The Most Divorce Clients | Santa Clarita

LegalZoom is a company with millions of dollars in advertising that smaller companies like us could never compete with.  They offer legal forms for just about anything you could think of.

It is true that they provide the forms and will even fill them out for you.  Unfortunately, despite the fact that you paid for the service you received, it leaves a lot to be desired.

I am not saying Legal Zoom provides a bad product.  Are you kidding.  One lawsuit from them would put me out of business.  I am just saying that you will get exactly what you pay for when you use their service.

This is not speculation, rather is what I have experienced by speaking to the many clients that have used their service and now have come to me to clean up the mess.

A recent client used Legal Zoom for their divorce.  They paid their fee, answered the questionnaires they use and then LegalZoom sent them every divorce form known to man to file.  They do provide a lengthy description of the process, but even me, with all my experience with divorce, was like, “WTH – What the hell!”  You know the three letters I wanted to say, right?

So this client thought they were following the directions, filed their forms and their judgment and thought they were done.  Only to learn later that their divorce judgment was rejected.

When they came to our office, I reviewed all the forms that Legal Zoom had completed.  Want to know something?  They were all wrong. 

It is not that Legal Zoom did anything wrong.  No!  They typed in the forms, just like you asked.  But where you did something wrong, they just typed it up anyways without a second thought.

If that is the type of service you want, go right ahead.  Either way, I’m sure our paths will cross when you call us to fix the problems.

When I say LegalZoom refers me a lot of business, I mean that a lot of people come to me for help after using Legal Zooms services.