Newhall Divorce Paralegal Service | Newhall CA Divorce

Newhall Divorce Paralegal Service | Newhall CA Divorce

SCV Legal Doc Assist is quickly becoming the go-to source for fixed fee divorce services. Even among their peers as Legal Document Assistants, they we are often called from other experiences divorce legal services who are looking for advice on how to prepare specific divorce forms and help folks through the divorce process.

The main reason we have become the go-to source is because early on we decided to specialize in family law and divorce while our competitors attempted to be the be-all-solve-all paralegal services.

Because our formal training and experience was in family law and divorce it was just a natural decision to decide to specialize in Newhall divorce services.  We wanted to be the most knowledgeable divorce paralegal service in Newhall, CA and that is exactly what has occurred.

While we have always acknowledged that we do not promote divorce, we do promote the fact that we when the need for divorce arises, we want you to have an outlet to get through the divorce process without having to go further into debt by hiring a Newhall divorce attorney.  There is just no reason to pay the exorbitant fees that divorce attorneys charge just to prepare your divorce paperwork.

We are here to provide you top-quality divorce services.  We prepare your divorce forms exactly the same way they would be done if you went to an attorney.  This benefits your for 2 reasons.  Number one, is that you get your divorce paperwork done for a fraction of the cost.  The second reason this benefits you is because if at some point in the process you need to hire an attorney, your paperwork is done exactly as they would have done it.  This means that you would have saved a ton of money up to this point.

The call is free.  Call us to discuss your divorce situation.  We help those that eventually need attorneys to defend them in court.  The first part of the divorce process is all paperwork and hardly has anything to do with legal advice or the court.