Non Attorney Divorce Service Santa Clarita

Non Attorney Divorce Service Santa Clarita

I recently read an article by the California State Bar that, among other things, said that attorneys are not serving the demand of the vast majority of citizens when it comes to their legal needs.

I am not saying I am smarter than they are, but I realized this a long time ago.  People just can’t afford the high cost of attorneys, whether it be for divorce or any other type of legal matter.

That is where my business model comes in handy.  While we are restricted from giving legal advice, we can share with you our knowledge of the law, things we have learned by reading and researching the readily available free information on courts websites, etc.

In essence, we are not giving legal advice in any way.  We are simply sharing with you, that information which we have found published by legal authorities.  Namely the courts.

It’s funny really.  Everyone says that there is a huge gray area between what is considered giving legal advice and what is not.  We are not trying to skirt around this nor do we want to give anyone legal advice.

But is it giving legal advice if we know something to be true because that is what the courts say on their published websites?  We don’t think so.  Especially, if we point you to the source of where we are getting the information.

Is it giving legal advice to make you aware of how a legal proceeding is held?  How to handle filing a motion? How to file paperwork?  No!  These are procedural court issues, they are not giving legal advice.

I know I am a little bit on a rant, but sometimes I just have to speak my mind as I grow tired of hearing attorney’s complain about completely legal, competent companies like ourselves that operate within the confines of the law and feel we are taking business away from them.

It’s just not true.  Most people just can’t afford your divorce attorney service is all.