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Filing and serving Request For Orders or RFO’s can be confusing.  I have discussed in the past, but since I have just finished up another Request For Order for a client, I thought it was a good time to go over the timeframes for serving them again.

We provide 2 options for preparing your Request For Order:

1. Full Service – We will draft, file and serve your Request For Order

2. Do-it-yourself – We have a online video tutorial with all form and example declarations

The most important thing you have to remember about serving timeframes of Request For Orders is that everything is hinged off of the court date you were given by the court.

I explain the timeframes in this video


There are 2 sets of timeframes you can use, whether you are serving it by mail or serving it by personal service. Please note that we are not discussing when you have to serve by personal service or by mail in this article, but to be safe, serve by personal service when in doubt.

Or click here to learn how to serve your Request For Order

Here is the way you figure out the date you have to serve your Request For Order.

Let’s say the court date is on June 30th. Everything will be working backwards of that date, so it will look like this.

17 Court days to serve the Request For Order by personal service
Plus 5 Calendar days if you are serving by mail. Again, there are restrictions on serving by mail so make sure you can serve by mail in your case.

So you will take June 30th and count backwards 17 court days. This means you need to skip over the weekends and any court holidays and make sure you don’t count them. The day you land on, will be the last day to personally serve your Request For Order. If we are using a 2016 calendar, the last day to serve the Request For Order would be June 7th. Again, make sure to check for holidays and to skip the weekends.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to wait until the last minute to serve your Request For Order, you can serve the Request For Order as soon as you have it filed and have a court date. Some people wait until the last minute to serve the Request For Order to be mean and give a shorter period of time for the other party to Respond, but that is up to you.

Make sure that once you serve the Request For Order that you file the proof of service with the court.

At Divorce661, we provide a full service Request For Order solution. We will handle the preparation of the motion, write the declaration, file and get your court date and mediation date as well as have it served on the other party and file the proof of service.

And don’t forget, we  have a do-it-yourself product where we have a video tutorial of how to properly prepare a Request For Order to obtain the best results possible.

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