Using Notice of Acknowledgment of Receipt During Divorce

Using Notice of Acknowledgment of Receipt During Divorce

When going through an uncontested divorce in California, there are several ways to complete the service of process.  Here, we are discussing the use of the Notice of Acknowledgment of Receipt during divorce.

The Notice of Acknowledgment of Receipt is considered a method of “substituted service”.  This simply means is can be used as an alternative to the normal process of using a process server.

The reason I like to use the Notice of Acknowledgment of Receipt is because for one, it saves my clients to have to pay a process server a fee to do this.  The second reason is because if you are going to go through an uncontested divorce, there should not be any reason your spouse will not agree to sign the Notice of Acknowledgment of Receipt.

This is the way this form works.  You have to have someone over the age of 18 and not a party to the divorce, prepare and mail the form indicating what documents are being served.  The notice of acknowledgment of receipt can be used to serve any of the divorce documents, including the Divorce Summons and Petition which normally requires personal service.

When you are using the notice of acknowledgment of receipt to serve the Summons and Petition of your divorce, you also need to file a proof of service of Summons, just the same way as if you had personally served the paperwork on your spouse.

When you are going through an uncontested divorce, using this alternate method of service is a good way to both save money and keep things from heating up during your divorce.  No one likes to have divorce papers handed to them by a stranger and being told they are being served.

Instead, use the Notice of Acknowledgment of Receipt when serving the Summons and Petition.

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