Using Siri To Find Our Santa Clarita Divorce Service

Using Siri To Find Our Santa Clarita Divorce Service

There a millions of Iphone and Ipad users, many of  which are turning to Siri to conduct their local search.  I wanted to make sure that we showed up on Siri if someone were to search for our divorce paralegal service in Santa Clarita.

I tried several different searches using Siri and interestingly enough, we generally ended up on the search.  When I searched for “Divorce Services in Santa Clarita”, Siri searched for divorce lawyers.  We came up number 2 on that search under our main company name of SCV Legal Doc Assist.

When we searched for “Divorce Paralegal Services in Santa Clarita, we did not show up at all.  When I researched on why, it turns out that Siri mostly uses YELP to find matches to the search.  Because there is only a “lawyer” category and no “paralegal” category, it makes it difficult to show up for divorce paralegal services.

One tweak I did make was to add to the name of our business as Yelp appears to use the name of the business to also help identify what type of company it is.  So now the name of our company on Yelp shows as SCV Legal Doc Assist – Divorce Paralegal Services Santa Clarita.  Hopefully the addition of “Divorce Paralegal Services Santa Clarita” will help searchers using Siri to be able to find us easier.

We are a legal document preparation company in Santa Clarita that specialize in divorce.  We help people avoid using an attorney for their divorce, saving them lots of money in the process.

Attorneys are not a necessary part of the divorce process.  A large percentage of folks who hired a divorce attorney never actually needed them and could have used our affordable divorce services.

Please give us a call to learn more about our divorce services in Santa Clarita.  We would be happy to show you how we can save you money on your divorce.