Using Your Tax Return For Divorce | Santa Clarita

Using Your Tax Return For Divorce | Santa Clarita

I hope it does not seem to tacky, but it was something that came up today when discussing the costs of getting divorced.

I was talking to a new client who said they wanted to get divorced, but they just needed to wait for their tax return so they would have the money.

It got me thinking about what I do as a business and why I have this divorce legal document preparation service to begin with.

I never thought we would be in the business of providing affordable divorce document preparation.  In fact, I was working with a divorce law firm here in Santa Clarita getting experience in family law while I went to law school.

I became a bit disappointed when I saw how much money people were throwing away on divorce attorneys, just to end the marriage they were in.  It was only by chance that I learned of this little known field called Legal Document Assistants that could help prepare divorce documents for a fraction of the cost.

The reason I got into the business of preparing divorce documents was because of how many people could not truly afford the cost of attorneys for their divorce.  I thought how ridiculous it was the amount of money people were spending to get divorced.

You know how I know that people don’t have or don’t want to spend a lot of money on their divorce?  Because from the minute I opened up our doors and got the word out about our divorce services, people flocked in.  I mean there is a huge demand for what I offer.  And despite the fact that I could probably charge more due to demand and the lack of people supplying what I offer, I still choose to keep our expenses down, so I can keep the prices we charge for divorce down.

If you are going to get divorce using an affordable divorce document preparation service, using your tax refund for divorce might be your best bet.  At least you won’t go into debt hiring divorce attorneys and hopefully keep some of your tax return.