Valencia Divorce Paralegal : Don’t Wait 6 Months To File Your Divorce

There is a big misunderstanding about California divorce and the 6 month rule. This video and article is more about the tactics of how to process your divorce paperwork and helping you to understand the fastest way to process your Valencia Divorce case.


People feel that once they file for their divorce that they cannot turn in the final paperwork until 6 month afterward. Here is why this is incorrect and what the real rules are.

The 6 months is the soonest your divorce case can be finalized. The 6 month clock starts ticking after the other spouse has been served. But when you turn in your final paperwork has nothing to do with the 6 month rule regarding divorce.

Depending on they type of Valencia Divorce case you are filing (Hybrid, Uncontested, Default) you most likely can turn in your final divorce paperwork as soon as 30 days after the Valencia Divorce has been filed and served. Remember, the clock starts when the divorce paperwork is served. Everything else hinges off of this date.