Volunteering With The Los Angeles Superior Divorce Court

Volunteering With The Los Angeles Superior Divorce Court

One of my claim to fame is that I continue to volunteer at the Los Angeles Superior Court in the San Fernando Court House.  I have done this for going on two years now.

I do this because I feel it is important to keep up to date on all of what is happening with the divorce courts.  I work at the San Fernando Court house simply because it is closest to me, but I have been to most of the Los Angeles Superior Courts.

Currently, I help the family law department process their divorce judgments.  This includes reviewing divorce judgments submitted by those representing themselves and also those filed by attorneys.

I think it is an important civic duty to volunteer, but it also serves another purpose which is to continue to learn and better understand the divorce process.

I believe I am the only one in my field that actually has stepped foot into a court house.  Besides processing divorce judgements, I am able to have access to the judicial assistants and court staff to learn and ask questions.  I also assist the family law clerks office at the filing window when they are busy.

I am going to start reporting on the things I see and hear in the courts.  It will be interesting to share my experiences with those who are representing themselves on my blogs and podcasts.   The more information I can get out about the divorce process, the better prepared my clients, readers and listeners will be.

So stay tuned for regular updates about changes, updates and court procedures.  I will make sure to get the word out so that those going through divorce and representing themselves has access to up to date information about the divorce process.

As always, if you are looking for a professional, affordable divorce solution in Los Angeles County, make sure to give us a call.