When You Have Questions About Divorce | Santa Clarita

When You Have Questions About Divorce | Santa Clarita

Everyone has questions about divorce… Everyone.  When you do, it is okay to talk to friends and family or even folks who have gone through it themselves.  But to get the real details, you should speak to someone who deals with it daily.

It is probably not hard to believe that we take many calls a day from folks who have questions about divorce.  Questions about the divorce process, the divorce forms and everything else in between.

We are happy to answer all the questions we can about divorce that we are allowed by law to answer.  What does this mean?

Well, because we are not attorneys we are forbidden from giving out information that would be considered legal advice.  Their is a very large gray area when it comes to what is and what isn’t legal advice.  But then again, there are the obvious questions that are meant for attorneys.

Outside of giving legal advice, we routinely answer questions about divorce from anyone that calls.  Even if they are just trying to learn about the process and gathering information.

For instance, today I had a husband that called to say that he was just served divorce papers by his wife.  He wanted to know what he had to do.  I advised him of which forms he needs to file if he wants to respond.  We even went over a couple of the questions on each of the forms.  At the end of the conversation he said he feld confident enough to at least complete these forms on his own.

That was fine by us.  He stated he will be calling back to use us to prepare his financial disclosures since we were so helpful.

I think it is called paying it forward or something like that, but it does work.

If we can be of assistance and provide you answers to the questions you have about divorce then that’s exactly what we will do.  Give us a call, you will be glad you did.