How To Keep Your Divorce Lawyer Honest | Santa Clarita

How To Keep Your Divorce Lawyer Honest | Santa Clarita

Always on the hunt for good fodder for my blog, I came across an article written by a lawyer about lawyers.

The article was titled, “9 Questions To Keep Your Divorce Lawyer Honest” and I thought would be a good read for my readers here at home in Santa Clarita and the Los Angeles area.

We all know that it can be in a divorce attorneys best interest to tell you that they will win your case at all odds.  There are more attorneys than you can shake a stick at and they know it.  So when it comes to who you are going to hire to represent you, of course they know you want to hear words of optimism.

So knowing up front that you will probably not be fed bad news during your divorce consultation, this article referenced 9 questions you can ask your divorce attorney to keep them honest.

If you want to be an informed client you are going to have to ask the hard questions.  So here they go.

  1. What is my best case scenario in my divorce case?
  2. What is my worst case scenario in this divorce case?
  3. What’s an optimistic, but realistic outcome?
  4. What would the outcome be if your were pessimistic?
  5. What would you tell my spouse after what you have heard today?
  6. What is the reality of my case?  Forget about all the case law…
  7. Is it worth it to spend the money to defend my rights?  How much do I have to gain/lose?
  8. Given your experience, what is the range of cost to represent me?
  9. Will you put your promise in writing.

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This post originally appeared in the Huffington Post where you can read the original article.