Divorce Attorneys On Youtube | Santa Clarita

Divorce Attorneys On Youtube | Santa Clarita

I promote my business completely online.  In fact, I do all my own marketing.  Whether it be my blog, Youtube videos or divorce webinars, I am the one at the helm doing all the writing and lead generation.

On occasion, I will go various attorney blogs or YouTube videos and comment on their articles or videos.  Nothing more than encouraging them to do more videos or write more legal blog posts.

You see, the legal field is very slow to adapt to technology.  This includes marketing and using video and blogs to market their companies.  This has made it possible for me to step right in and dominate the legal blogosphere with my blogs and YouTube advertising.

What happens is that divorce attorneys tend to take offense at my marketing.  And I am not sure if they are mad because I am out-performing them in marketing or if they think I am stealing business from them.

It is kind of sad that an attorney would think that I am stealing business from them.  I am not even an attorney.  We just provide affordable divorce options for folks who do not need attorneys.  We also advocate to folks to advise that most people don’t even need an attorney to get through the divorce process.

Well today, I made a comment on an attorney’s YouTube video and simply said, “hey, good job, not a lot of attorney’s doing video or blogging.”  That was it!  Almost instantly I received a response to my comment that was essentially stating how their services were superior to mine.

I laughed at first knowing that we don’t even provide the same service.  They are an attorney and give legal advice and represent people in court.  We are a licensed and bonded legal document preparation service that provides affordable self help divorce services.

Hopefully divorce attorneys will learn that I compliment the legal field and am not a threat to them.  In fact, I am a good referral source for attorneys.

There is plenty of business for everyone.

He who markets most wins.  And I know how to market….

We are a licensed and bonded legal document assistant specializing in the divorce process.  Give us a call for more information about our services.