Great Articles About Divorce In Santa Clarita | 11/1/2012

Every once and a while we will recap the last several articles we wrote in a week to give new life to them and bring attention to the articles to people who may not have read them when we first published them.

That said, here is a recap of the last couple articles and links to their corresponding pages.

In this first article we talk about how to create a parenting plan and the types of things to consider when preparing a parenting plan.  You can read more about how to prepare a parenting plan here.

Do you have questions about the difference between physical custody and legal custody?  If you do you can read our article called “Physical Custody vs. Legal Custody” which will address the what types of thing are covered under each of those and the difference between joint custody and 50/50 custody.

Now if you are getting ready to hire an attorney, you will want to read and understand what a divorce retainer agreement is.  A retainer agreement is a paper you will sign if you hire an attorney.  Make sure you understand that the retainer is just a deposit, not the total cost of your divorce.

But before you sign the retainer agreement, make sure to ask these great questions during your divorce consultation.  We give you some pointers on how to choose a great attorney.  We also included tips on how to interview a divorce attorney to get the most out of it.

Following the tips of the above articles will help to ensure you hire the right divorce attorney to represent you during your divorce.

We hope you enjoyed this quick recap of the last few articles and find them helpful.

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