How To Change Title To Home During Divorce | Santa Clarita

How To Change Title To Home During Divorce | Santa Clarita

If you are getting divorced and own a home, there is a good chance you will have to change title by quit-claiming your property to your spouse.

The best way to remove your spouse from title is to refinance the property into your name alone.  Sure, that seems easy.  But what about when you can’t qualify on your own or the home is worth less than you owe?  This latter predicament is where most of my clients find themselves.

So in the interest of helping my clients with this issue after (or during) their divorce, I set out to learn how to quit-claim a property.  I did all the research on the forms, the process, what has to be notarized, filing fee’s and county recorder fees, etc.  When I realized how much work was involved, I set out to find a company who specialized in title transfers.

I figured that I specialized in divorce, there has to be someone that specializes in title changes.

I will be honest.  It took a couple of days to locate a company that does this.  I asked several title agents, posed the question on LinkedIn and did hundreds of Google searches trying to locate a company that could help my clients change title to their home who are going through a divorce.

Finally, I was referred to The Document Center.  The Document Center specializes with all types of real estate related materials, information and resources.  They will prepare, notarize and record real estate related documents.

What I liked about The Document Center after speaking with Dorene, is that they are  document preparation service.  This means that can assist you without the need for escrow, title or attorney fees.

The Document Center can help you with:

  • Adding and removing people from title;
  • Transferring into or out of a Trust;
  • Adding someone on title after escrow has closed;
  • Removing a deceased party from title;
  • Handling Timeshare transfers

If you need help transferring title, give The Document Center a call.  You can ask for Dorene and make sure to let them know you found them on this site.

The Document Center is located at 3908 Foothill Blvd, Glendale, CA 91214 and can be reached at 818-541-0901 or

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