What Is A Contested Divorce | Santa Clarita

What Is A Contested Divorce | Santa Clarita

I am a licensed and bonded legal document preparation service that specializes in the divorce process.  So why would I be writing about the issues of a contested divorce?

The answer is so that you can see the negative impacts of a contested divorce and show you the benefits of working toward an uncontested divorce.

In short, a contested divorce is where you and your spouse cannot come to an agreement on any or all of the issues surrounding your divorce.  So you decide to hire lawyers and let them spend your money trying to convince a judge that you are right.  All the while your spouse is doing exactly the same thing.  In the end, you let some unknown person, called a Judge, make decisions for you.  Sound good?

Maybe if I share with you the ugly of contested divorces, it will convince you to take a little more time in trying to work things out on your own with your spouse before going to battle in the court room.

Personally, I feel that hiring attorneys and going to court is a complete waste of time and money and not to mention the mental anguish a contested divorce brings with it.  And lets not forget to mention how this will effect our children.

That said, I understand that emotions can get so high in the divorce process that spouses want to fight or perhaps one of the spouses is just being unfair and there is no other way to avoid going to court.  If both spouses are completely convinced that they are right over a particular issue, there is no other option but to have a judge decide.

There are other times where it will be out of your hands and you have to go to court.  Such as when a spouse is hiding assets, lying about their worth or perhaps own a business that money is not well documented.

But before you rush off and decide that going to trial is your last resort, you should do some soul searching and make sure it is worth it.  Not just in the sense of money, but what it will do to your well being and your family in long run.  This is especially true if you have children.

We will discuss the issues of a contested divorce in more detail in future articles.

We specialize in preparing unconsted divorce cases.  Even where you don’t totally agree, we can help you navigate the court system.